A Chartered O.T.O. Body serving the Valley of Orlando, Florida


Local Dues Subscription

The robust vibrancy and continued growth of the Oasis depends solely on the generosity of our membership. Your financial assistance ensures that Hidden Spring will have the means to enhance and expand the facilities and services we offer including the Gnostic Mass, lectures and seminars, Initiations, Ecclesiastical and Ritual education, Feasts and all that our Mission Statement implies. Please remember Hidden Spring is YOUR Oasis.

Dues Payments

Public: (Non-Initiate Member)  $10.00 per month. 
Minerval Degree: $15.00 per month. 
First through Third Degree: $30.00 per month. 
‚ÄčFourth Degree and Above: $45.00 per month.

***If you use the PayPal option to pay your dues, a small service charge will be applied.***

It is strongly suggested that any member of O.T.O. also maintain membership in their local O.T.O. body.  Hidden Spring Oasis hosts regular classes and events open to the public, as well as closed events for initiates of O.T.O. only.  Membership in Hidden Spring Oasis is available to all free men and women over the age of 18 who wish to participate in and contribute positively toward the activities of our body, and assist us in our aim of promulgating the Law of Thelema to society.
To be considered an active member of Hidden Spring Oasis, an individual must be willing to participate financially in the operations of the local body.  As an O.T.O. body we incur numerous expenses such as rental of Temple Space, purchase and maintenance of temple and initiation equipment, utility cost, perishable cost (food, wine, incense, candles, etc), ritual supplies and regalia, monthly website costs, and more.  We feel that our dues system is reasonable and affordable, and we urge each member to pay their dues in a timely manner so that Body Officers can focus on the important Work at hand rather than wasting time hassling members over non-payment of dues.  

All Brethren shall be exceedingly punctual in the payment of Lodge Dues. This is to take precedence of all other calls upon the purse.

Aleister Crowley - Liber CI / Book 101 - Of The Duties Of The Bretheren

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