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Vision Statement

The Vision Statement presents our idealized vision of how U.S. Grand Lodge should ultimately develop. Thus, the Vision Statement is the least stable of these documents; as the Order grows and changes, and especially as objectives below are met, we will revisit the Vision Statement periodically to set our sights on new objectives. Read More Here...

Values Statement

​The Values Statement clarifies the principles underlying U.S. Grand Lodge planning and operations. All our policies, initiatives, and other decisions must adhere to these principles. They are the ethical basis of our work.​ Read More Here...

Program Synopsis

The Program Synopsis is a more detailed examination of the purposes of O.T.O. U.S. Grand Lodge, and is based on an analysis of O.T.O.’s foundational documents (Books 52101, 161 and 194; Khabs Am Pekht; the Ramaka Prospectus; and the Constitutions of 1913 and 1917). It is essentially a more detailed version of the Mission Statement. Read More Here...

Mission Statement

Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. is the U.S. Grand Lodge (National Section) of Ordo Templi Orientis, a hierarchical, religious membership organization. Our mission is to effect and promote the doctrines and practices of the philosophical and religious system known as Thelema, with particular emphasis on cultivating the ideals of individual liberty, self-discipline, self-knowledge, and universal brotherhood. To this end, we conduct sacramental and initiatory rites, offer guidance and instruction to our members, organize social events, and engage in educational and community service activities at locations throughout the United States.

The statements collected here — the Mission Statement, Program Synopsis, Vision Statement, and Values Statement — summarize the nature, purpose, and direction of U.S. Grand Lodge. Together, they form the basis for our planning, and the standard against which we measure our accomplishments.

Ordo Templi Orientis

The following text is reprinted from the U.S. Grand Lodge Website. Hidden Spring Oasis is the official O.T.O. body

ofNortheast and Central Florida, and our goals on a local level are also defined by the following statements by O.T.O. USA