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All Brethren shall be exceedingly punctual in the payment of Lodge Dues. This is to take precedence of all other calls upon the purse.

Liber 101 - Of the Duties of the Brethren - Second House

One-Time Local Dues


Dues are to be paid each month, either during the month or in advance.  It is not required to pay a given month’s dues in advance; that is, dues for April do not need to be paid in March.  Payments received up to the last day of the month will not be considered late.  If dues are not paid for a given month, any dues received in the following month will be first applied to the previous month’s dues.  Partial payments are accepted, so long as the full amount is paid by the end of the month.

Local Dues Subscriptions

For the convenience of the Oasis and our members, we offer local dues subscriptions.  After you subscribe, your local dues will be automatically paid on the same day each month, ensuring the smooth operation of the Oasis and less time spent by our officers in enforcement of local dues payments.


The robust vibrancy and continued growth of the Oasis relies on the generosity of our membership. Your financial assistance ensures that Hidden Spring will have the means to enhance and expand the facilities and services we offer including the Gnostic Mass, lectures and seminars, initiations, ecclesiastical and ritual education.

General Donation

Local Dues Subscription 

Dues Sponsorship
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